Business Planning: Planning for Cash Flow

Cash seems to be on everyone's mind. Bankers say they have money to lend, but they aren't finding many qualified borrowers. Companies are struggling to stay ahead of their bills and meet payroll. They might be selling products or services, but cash is the problem.

One of the most common business questions we hear is "Where is my cash?" We have tried a million different ways to answer this question. We prepare cash flow statements- no one reads them.  We talk people through them and it doesn't help. We've  resorted to colored chalk, drawing on napkins, and large stickie notes. But it's still a hard concept for non-accountants to grasp. We hear something like,"You must be joking. How can I have profit and taxable income and not have any cash in the bank?"

Up until now, it's been one of those eternal frustrations for our profession.

But not any more.

Now we've got a tool called $COPE IT!tm by Mentor Plus. We can SHOW you exactly where to find the cash in your business.

It's right where it's always been -- but now, rather than telling you about it, we can show you. We can use your financial statements to build an interactive model that lets you see the relationship between profit and cash. Rather than talking about it, we can show you why selling more units at the same margin won't impact your cash flow problem. We can help you set a cash flow target and work backwards to achieve it. And it's even got colors, charts and graphs.

If you would like to learn more, contact Mary at for an invitation to our next cash flow seminar. 


Jeff and Dan are always looking out for our best interest. It's like having another partner in the company.
Dennis Kares