Business Team Building & Group Consulting

Successful businesses start with successful people.

Your employees don't need to be involved in your financial goals, do they? Of course they do! Think about it—how can you reach your destination if your fleet has 10 different roadmaps?

When setting business goals, it's imperative that you identify what steps are critical to your success, and what skill sets are needed to execute those steps. Not just who is going to do what—but what kind of person would be the best fit for the task and the team? And how can I make sure each person has as much invested in the company vision as the company leader?

We can work with you to answer these questions and more. Call us for help with:

Organizational Studies - Define what roles need to be fulfilled in order to both meet company goals and round out the team's skill set. Get everyone excited about fulfilling the company's big picture goals.

DISC Assessments - Gain a deep, enlightening understanding of each other's strengths so that teams can be empowered with optimal skills and balanced as a whole.

Management and Staff Hiring - Recruit and hire the best talent by understanding exactly what skill set and behavioral profile is best for any given role or goal.

Human Resource Services - Outsource payroll, hiring, and benefits management to us so that you can free up resources and focus on your strategic goals.


The value of Cole Gavlas’ strategic counsel and planning is as strong as their day-to-day accounting services. The team is just phenomenal in the service they provide. They are on top of the latest accounting changes, and they deliver the services we need when we need them. They were instrumental in setting our business up with an operating platform that has helped us grow tremendously over the years. They know our company and our families which makes them an invaluable partner.
Roger Martin, APR